REVIEW || Catrice absolute Matt eyeshadow palette

5:10:00 PM

Hi guys so today I'm going talk about absolutely amazing Matt palette. I'm sure we all (I know I have) wanted at some point simple Matt palette but couldn't find it anywhere. Few weeks ago I was just looking for new red lipstick when I came across this. And I had to buy it immediately.  

Just as the cover says it, it's absolute Matt eyeshadow. The packaging is nothing special. Just a plastic case with a clear lid that shows the six shades in a glance. From white to dark grey/black. There are two highlighter shades, two medium shades and two deeper shades. The second color is light pink-nude color which I use as a base before I apply others. Then there are three brown colors and grey/black one. It comes with a brush which is fine but nothing to get excited for. I suggest  to use your own brushe if you have one, but if you don't this brush will be fine. 

When I saw this range of colors I was very pleased. Since this is budget friendly and a drugstore product I was pleasantly surprised. If you're a on a budget this is perfect palette for you.
Have you tried this one? What do you think? 
xx Dzaniica

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  1. I definitely need one.
    Can you follow me back?

  2. This palette looks amazing! Love the colors! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  3. E paleta je sjajna, ali mi nećeš vjerovati koji sam baksuz :D Dva puta odem u dm da je kupim i... vjerujem da možeš i sama pogoditi :D Nema ih. Nestale. Otišle sa drugima :(. Ali valjda će jednom da se sakrije neka i za mene :D

  4. Love the post!
    Hope you can check out my last post! Kiss!

  5. Great eyeshadows *_* <3

  6. Amazing colors, I have to check this palette.

  7. I want one palette like this!!!

  8. I have the palette! It´s great :) Good for autumn look...
    Meet My Lovely World

  9. This looks nice!

  10. Excellent post! ♥

    I member of your blog if you want to fight back: