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We all have been there, surrounded with new people or relatives and somehow that question always comes up. I don't know if it's just my family like this but everytime they see me they ask "do you have a boyfriend?" or "are you seeing anyone?" It's not like there aren't any other questions in the world to ask someone. I'm a student you can ask how my studies are going (but again maybe that's not a great idea) or if I watched any nice movies lately or literary anything in the world. But no they really want/have to know how my love life is going. Even if I was dating anyone it's not like I would tell anyone that. It's my business not theirs.
Honestly I'm not even sad/annoyed that I'm single. I'm single because I want to be single. And here's why.
If you're able to be in a healthy relationship and still do all your work you good girl! (or boy) I can't do that. I can't divide my focus on two things. I can but no as much as others (or me) would want to. If I have an exam to study for I will stay home and study for it for a week, I won't probably even leave my room for that week. And honestly that's not fair to the person I'm with. It would seem as I'm ignoring them but in fact I'm just working on my education. Which brings me to the next thing.
Second thing and probably the biggest reason I'm single is that I strongly believe that you can't be in a happy relationship if you are not happy with yourself. If you know me in person I've probably said that sentence at least once. I'm twenty years old I'm mentally evolving and growing everyday. I'm finally starting to love myself as I am. If you love how you look and how you think and who you are in general and you're just 15 years old than good for you, well done! But that wasn't me for a long, long time. And I would find myself thinking about changing my hairstyle or my fashion style just because someone said that they dislike it. Just imagine if that person was in a relationship how unhealthy that could get. Of course that a person you're with can help you realise that you're great and wonderful but if they left you at some point you would start questioning those things about yourself just because they're not with you anymore.
Third is that I dislike romance. Which might sound weird but I can't handle those cheesy annoying things people do all the time. I don't wanna come of as a bitter but I fell like everyone these days do all these romantic things that seem so meaningless and empty. Maybe that's just me so it's completely okay if you enjoy and love those things. I don't. Don't get me wrong I love to get some flowers or some kind of romantic gesture once in a while but every other day, no. I would cringe so much. And you know what I hate, those stupid "love texts" where guy says "your eyes are the pretties eyes in the world" really dude? How many eyes have you seen? Because I'm sure you havn't seen them all. That's just physically impossible.
Which bring me to the next one. Compliments. Of course I want to be complimented and I love complements but not every single minute. I feel like in that phase of introductions guys just try to hard. I don't need you to tell me every day that who pretty I'm that you like my sense of humor or how pretty my hair is. I know that I'm pretty and that I'm funny. It's nice to hear that once in a while but no need to say it every time we talk. And honestly the more you repeat it the less I believe you. I know that they're just trying to be nice but I just want to have a normal conversation I don't need to be constantly validated by you. And you know what I else I hate, guys who need to tell me how strong they are and how they will protect me and buy me everything I need. I mean I'm my own person I don't need anyone to protect me from outside world, somehow I've being taking care of myself so far so I think I can manage it. Don't get me wrong it's nice to know you can and you would but should that be the biggest thing you have to offer. Personally I prefer someone who's funny or smart than someone who talks only about his strength. Am I the only one?
And the last one, which for some reason I've come in contact so much lately, are guys asking for nudes. I don't get why is this a thing guys do. Do you really think that a girl who's not dating you will just send you a nude picture just because you've asked for? No, that's most likely not going to happen. Why? Because you're a grown ass man who's supposed to be able to find himself a female he can spend a night with or whatever so he shouldn't go from girl to girl asking for nudes.

This is a little rant from me. This is the first time I wrote something like this and I tried to make it as short as possible. I could go on and on about this. Do you agree with these things? Or you disagree? Leave me your opinions on this topic in comments. 
xx Dzaniica

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  1. It's perfect! Just be you and do what you love, it's simple.
    If you are happy, it's the only thing that matters:)

  2. Being single has its benefits and its disadvantages! However, enjoy and be happy!
    Would you like to follow me back?

  3. I'm so agree with you, especially what you said in the second part ! I was exactly like that for many years, and nobody really understood why. 2 years ago now, I learnt that the most important thing is to love yourself first and then you can let someone to come into your life. Your post is very great, I'm glad you made it !

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  4. I really love it this post. First because I am single too and second because I agree with everything with you. I hate with an asshole ask me about nudes is like WTH is bad with you? Second I like the romance but I hate the romantic situations and the compliments that part is the worst. I don´t need a guy that told me you are pretty or you have cute eyes, because I have eyes darling I already know that. And because I hate go to dates xD so I don´t know I feel very comfy with myself being single and with my books and my work. I don´t need a men for feel fulfill.

    Great post!

  5. Tvoj privatni život ne bi trebao da se tiče drugih i sve je stvar izbora i nečije sreće,prelijep post,sviđa mi se i tvoj blog i kreativnost...


  6. Znači, potpisujem sve što si navela. Predobro objašnjeno. :D

    Ukoliko želiš, posjeti moj blog

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