Love IS Love

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Hi guys! I know I haven't been active for a while and I'm sorry about that. It's not like I didn't have time, it's just that I like to write and post things that I'm passionate and actually care about, and lately I just couldn't think about good topics or things to write about. And I know that I don't have many people following this blog but I love writing it and making posts on it, so that's the only thing that matters at the moment. In the other hand I had exams last week so I had to concentrate and just focus on that most of the time, you know how it goes Anyway let's start with the topic.
First of all I have to emphasize that I usually don't comment on these things and try to keep my opinion to myself because I know many will argue with me, and trust me I'm not afraid of arguing with people. I'm just tired of close minded people around me to the point that I start yelling or even crying at them, bear in mind that I'm usually extremely calm person and almost never yell, even in fact I don't even get angry. I just get frustrated about stuff like that. As usual I'm getting of the topic..
On Saturday while I was scrolling Twitter I saw Orlando as trending world wide. Since it's a city it got caught my eye and when I clicked on it I had something to see. As many of you know there was a shooting in Orlando. 50 people died. 50 innocent souls died. We lost 50 people. Maybe some of them were future doctors or teachers or pilots or models... it doesn't matter what were they panning on becoming they're gone now. And the worst part is the reason behind this. They were killed because they were in a gay club. A man saw two men kissing and decided to kill FIFTY PEOPLE because he dislikes guys kissing. Are you freaking kidding me? I dislike/hate stupid people so that doesn't mean I should kill them! You can't imagine how frustrated am I too see that this is the world that we live in. That this is a world that one day I'll bring my kids to! How am I supposed to tell them and raise them when people hate others because they don't "kiss the opposite sex". That you can't be yourself and love whoever you want. We are talking about love here, the most amazing thing that can happen to someone and there are people who will go mental and shoot you just because they disagree with your love life. It's the 2016 isn't it time that people can  freely love whoever they want? Why is it that so hard for people to understand?
And don't start "it's because of their religion". Don't blame the whole religion on acts of an individual. It's not fair. No everyone is like that. I know many Muslim that are gay or support LGBT so don't even start on that.
This world is a wrong and scary place and we need to change it, no one else is going to. This world is our future, what we do will reflect on our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. Each single person is responsible for the future. Their future and the future of others and mostly the future of this world. It may seem as you can't help, trust me you can. If you help someone realize that hate won't get anything good and that love IS love. That it doesn't matter if you're a boy loving a boy, or a girl loving a girl or a white man loving a Native American woman. It doesn't matter. It's time that we show the world that your sexuality, religion or skin color doesn't matter. We're just people. The only thing that matters is that you're a kind human being everything other doesn't matter.

Love IS Love.
xx Dzaniica 

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